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Black Diamond Camps is looking for enthusiastic, fun-loving staff who love God, love kids and are serious about inspiring Christ-like change. Candidates should be at least 18 by May and be ready to provide solid Christian leadership with a servant’s heart.

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Summer Positions

Must be at least 18 by May

Counselor: at least one year out of high school

We are looking for counselors to work with all four different programs: Group Camp, Day Camp, Sports Camp, and Individual Camp. As a counselor you will be trained in all four programs and throughout the summer you will rotate between them.

Group Camp Counselor

Each week co-ed partners will lead 20-25 junior high and high school students through purposeful and pre-planned experiences using incredible adventure activities at Black Diamond Camps Camps while displaying to students the love of Christ. Guide campers for all hours of the day, be a part of creating flexible schedules that cater to each groups’ needs, lead Bible studies, build relationships and facilitate activities/group development that will provide opportunities for scripture to come to life. Sleep in nearby dorms with other counselors unless the group requires otherwise. Counselors will also assist in behind-the-scenes programming and doing whatever it takes to keep camp running (including cleaning, dish-washing and necessary work projects).

Day Camp Counselor

These counselors will be working with younger students (Kindergarten - 6th grade) from morning to mid-afternoon. They will take care of them, lead them through Bible studies, adventure pieces, and group development. These counselors will work at Black Diamond Camps. Being on-site at all times, staff will sleep in nearby dorms with other counselors. Counselors should plan on helping out with the behind-the-scenes workload. This means driving vans, washing dishes, cleaning rooms, leading/setting up activities, potentially leading worship, and anything else that may be required to help Day Camp run efficiently and successfully.

Sports Camp Counselor

Sports Camp is our summer camp for athletic groups and individuals. Athletes come for top notch athletic training and are introduced to outdoor adventure, authentic relationships and biblical truth. Our goal is to show athletes of all skill levels what it means to follow Christ on and off the court and field.

Individual Camp Counselor

At the Summer Camp campus, 1st through 10th grade campers come for one week of adventure camp. Staff will be partnered with same gender partners as they stay in the cabins with campers and lead them in adventure activities, many unique to Summer Camp such as Mountain Biking, shooting sports and more.

Summer Support

Staff Positions

Medical Staff

Assist camp-wide health needs for all guests and campers. Necessary characteristics include organized, detailed, assertive, and self-motivator. Confident in medical skills and ability to stay calm and in control in all situations. Nurses should be ministry and servant minded.

Activity/Ropes Staff

A geographically diverse position with the main responsibility to set up, tear down, and belay adventure activities. Enjoy the flexibility of working with various activities while ministering to students during peak learning opportunities. Must demonstrate an ability to learn new skills, be able to present clear instructions to guests, and show the ability to work with other staff in a cooperative manner.

Digital/Social Media

Videographers and photographers with editing skills are needed for this position to capture daily adventures of campers on film and create highlight films each evening.

Food Services

The cook is responsible for making sure every meal is served hot and on time. Must have a love for kitchen ministry and eager to take initiative. Manage the entire kitchen throughout the summer including many on-location theme meals.


Duties include preparing for our guests by servicing and cleaning hotel and dorm rooms and other living/service areas. Must be willing to serve with a grateful heart and provide our guests with exceptional customer service. As with all positions, Housekeeping staff will be asked to help with any responsibility to help camp function (i.e. washing dishes, cleaning rooms, work projects, etc.).

Office Assistant

We are looking for someone who enjoys behind the scenes tasks to assist camp in being good stewards of God's resources. This position doubles as a valuable internship for anyone with a business major. Must enjoy taking initiative and working in the office a majority of the time. Some experience in business is preferred, but not required.

Retail Staff

Retail Staff is responsible for helping coordinate the operation of the Coffee Shop, Camp Store and other Retail Locations on campus. Black Diamond Camps retail operations contribute to the overall camp community and heavily to camp revenue. Duties include selling and picking up product, inventory control, cash handling, supervision and training of staff assigned to retail and other duties as assigned by the Registrar. As with all positions, Retail staff will be asked to help with any responsibility to help camp function (i.e. washing dishes, cleaning rooms, work projects, Filing etc.).


Applicants should be able to work well both alone and with others. Expect long days. Have fun and enjoy a sense of accomplishment while doing hard work. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: Basic facility upkeep, landscaping and grounds maintenance, and special projects.


The camp speaker will partake in prayerful planning of messages appropriate for staff, the designated age of campers (based on program) and youth pastors from all denominations that ties into bible studies and camp experiences that day. Lead a short talk in the morning (5-10 minutes) and a longer message (15-25 minutes) in the evening that ties everything together. Will also be expected to help with programming and behind-the-scene needs as necessary. Please email if interested.

Full Time

Staff Positions

Housekeeping Manager

As the lead for the Housekeeping team at Black Diamond Camps, you will work toward fulfilling our mission and giving guests a great experience by cleaning and keeping clean the inside and outside of all buildings at all times and to uphold, create, and organize systems that foster an enjoyable and efficient cleaning process in order to serve our guests in all types of rooms on the property. This includes managing full time staff, part time staff, summer staff, and volunteers, who assist in housekeeping duties.

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Sales Representative

This exciting position will have responsibility to assist in conducting various marketing and sales campaigns through face-to-face visits, researching potential clients, securing appointments, moving prospective clients through the sales cycle to closed and paid customers, interaction with on-site guests, phone calls, emails, and other avenues of contact. The purpose of this position is to share with people the mission and vision of Black Diamond and to close and register new customers. If you love building relationships this is a great ministry opportunity for you.

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Christian Camping Intern

A Christian Camping Intern will be placed in roles that are up front with guests as well as working behind the scenes. They will be the face, hands, and feet of Black Diamond and God’s purpose here. This unique position will allow Interns to work together as a team and with the other Black Diamond Staff to fill a vital role at Black Diamond by serving groups to fulfill Black Diamonds mission. When not working with guest groups each Intern will get an opportunity to shadow all areas of Camp ministry. The internship program at Black Diamond Camps gives you an opportunity to see every side of camping ministry. Through the program each intern has the opportunity to be mentored by full time staff as well.

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