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Camp in the City


Ideal for: Kids!   |   Ages: 5 – 12   |  

Camp In The City

Adventure doesn’t need to feel so far away.

We’ve partnered with Faith Church to bring camp to you! Experience a taste of everything that Black Diamond Adventure Camps has to offer, in your neighborhood!

Outdoor adventure, without the need to travel.

Can’t get to camp? We’ll bring camp to you! We’ve taken all the adventure and impact of Black Diamond Camps, stuffed it all in a truck or two, and hit the road to bring our super fun camp experience to kids in the Kent area. We’ve partnered with Faith Church to deliver a week-long, fun-filled, Christ-centered, day camp experience specifically designed for kids and supervised by the world’s most energetic counselors.

From drift trikes and archery tag, to soaking-wet water activities; they’ll worship with friends, explore God’s unchanging Word and learn what it means to be a kid who follows Christ. It’s right in your own backyard and jam-packed with adventure activities and opportunities to learn. Kids will look forward to it every summer.

Adventure Activities

Arrow Tag

Arts & Crafts

Camp Store

Drift Trikes

Field Games

Ga-Ga Ball


Siege Fort

9 Square


Group Development

Arrow TAG

We are hunters, and adventure is our game. We are unstoppable, and you are our prey. Take aim and bring ‘em down, before they get you!

Arts & Crafts

Got a creative brain? That's awesome! Whether it's a custom birdhouse, a crazy kaleidoscope, or a colorful friendship bracelet, we've got all sorts of materials for you to craft your best work!

Camp Store

Maybe you want the latest shirt, or a new comfy hoodie. Maybe you need a bigger coffee mug, or a fresh new water bottle to cover with stickers. Whatever the occasion, this stuff is the best!

Drift Trikes

Fuzzy wristbands, Keds, and sliding sideways on a Big Wheel made for some serious street cred back in the day. Well, we've amped it up.

Field Games

Guaranteed to break the ice. This is camp-olympics! From scavenger hunts to more inventive contests, you're sure to make a few new friends along the way.

Ga-Ga Ball

Ga-ga wha? Trust us, it's not for babies. Part dodge ball, part tag and part king of the hill, it takes action to another level. Stay with it. Rule the octagon!


We're not just full of hot air when we say, "If it inflates, it's great!" Bounce through our collection of endless obstacles and feel your excitement balloon.

Siege Fort

An all out nerf war with team-based domination! Hold the point and survive!

9 Square

Four squares isn’t enough. Why not make it nine? Why not have it in the air? Let’s see how long you can hold the top spot.


Sometimes you just need to kick back and swing for a little while.

Group Development

Brainstorm with your friends how to solve the puzzle, or just have a good laugh. These games are guaranteed to break the ice!



the Greatest Encore to the Greatest Show has yet to happen...



Sunk in sin, salvaged by Jesus..




the One who sustains, the One who give eternal life!


And the world will know...

A summer of life-change.

A Typical Day At Camp


8-8:30 AM

Drop Off at Camp

9 AM

Morning Chaos

10 AM

Big Activity

11:30 AM

Lunch – Yummy!!

12:30 PM

Big Activity

2 PM

Bible Study

3 PM

Group Development

4 PM

Afternoon Session

4:30-5 PM

Pick Up Tired Camper(s)


Enthusiastic. Energetic. Inspiring. And SUPER Fun.

Our staff is made up of a bunch of really fun, friendly people who are also super serious about providing you with the best camp experience ever. Each day they demonstrate their passion for serving Jesus Christ through leading by example and with a cheerful demeanor.

Our staff members are recruited based on their:

Personality & Ability

Passion for Teaching Youth

Servant's Heart

Relationship With Christ

Qualifications & Skills

Education & Training

Round ’em up! Sign ’em up! Bring ’em out!

But before you do, make sure everyone knows the drill.

Church leaders, be sure to reserve a date for your group and the number of kids you will serve. It’s easy!

Campers and Parents, if you’re new to Black Diamond City Camp or just need a refresh; here’s your field guide for ultimate camp preparedness. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a swimsuit. Sign up below, and let’s go make some memories.


Everything You Need to Know +

Everything You Need to Know –

What to Bring

Sunscreen? Check. Water bottles. Check. Swimsuit? Double-check. Here’s a complete list of stuff to bring with you to camp. More

What not to Bring

Not to be a downer, but this is camp, baby! Enjoy it. Here’s your list of items to leave at home. More

Health and Safety

The spiritual, physical, and emotional well being of every camper is our top priority. We’re here to fulfill all their safety and nutritional needs. More


Campers will bring their own lunches.

Arrival, Departure & Schedule

Morning drop off time starts at 8:00 am. Afternoon pick up starts at 4:30 pm. Contact your church or school for information on pick up and drop off locations. More

Payment Policies

Payments for groups and individuals can be handled in a number of ways. Review our options and policies BEFORE registering for camp. More

Code of Conduct

We’re here to have fun, build each other up and encourage others in love! But there are a few behaviors that just won’t fly at Black Diamond Camps. More

In Case of Emergency

We want kids to establish their independence. But if there’s a home emergency, contact your church or school Director. Contact Camp Director

Dates & Rates

July 29- Aug 2, 20195-DayFaith ChurchWashingtonBlack Diamond Camps$235/camperOPENSIGN UP

For any questions regarding City Camps or registration please contact:

Andrew Hurst: Email

Payment Policy

  • Prices are the same for group leaders and campers
  • Full payment is preferred at the time of registration
  • A payment plan is available as follows:
    • Initial Deposit of $100 per person is due at time of registration.
    • Second Payment of 50% of your account balance is due 60 days prior to your camp or retreat.
    • Final Payment of the remaining account balance is due 7 days prior to opening day of your camp or retreat.
  • Please only register for the number of campers you are confident will attend. You can always add more campers later if space is available.
  • ALL PAYMENTS MADE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE for reservations abandoned with no advance notice.
  • Reservations canceled with advance notice will still require partial payment based on the schedule shown below:
    • 2 Months Prior – 50% Cancellation Fee
    • 1 Months Prior – 60% Cancellation Fee
    • 3 Weeks Prior – 70% Cancellation Fee
    • 1 Week Prior – 90% Cancellation Fee

If you have questions please contact