Minister's Escape Escape into Outdoor Adventure

People often times ask us "how" and "why" we do this event each fall and spring.

Download the packing list here.

So, here's the answer:

We have seen hundreds upon hundreds of ministers come through our gates and talk about how fatigued they are, and how they wished they could come to Black Diamond without having to be a leader.

We are also burdened by the consistent conversations we have with church leaders in regards to their families and the lack of quality time they've had together (away from their church). We understand there's never an easy time to pull away from those people in your church, so this is an excuse to put a time on your calendar.

Finally, so many people we meet in our face-to-face travels tell us that they wish they could get out somewhere quiet in order to breathe deeply, pray intensely, fast, get into God's word, write, create, brainstorm, etc. So, this is our attempt at creating an environment for all of these things to take place!

October 8-10, 2018

Registration Details

  • Bring three from your church for FREE! (including families)
  • For Additional guests:
  • Ages 8 and above - $40/guest
  • Ages 7 and below - $20/guest
  • Registration includes meals, lodging, and activities.
  • Please make sure that all members of your party are registered for the event.

Housing Details

You will be staying in the Glacier Peak Lodge, our hotel-style lodging. Each room has a private bathroom, a Queen-size bed and a set of bunk-beds. Occupancy of these rooms can be 1-4 people. Bedding and towels are provided. For larger families, we can provide an additional room as requested. WiFi is available in the nearby meeting space.